Fuuka Hanasaki

I took the train to Kanagawa and got to Fuuka’s club where she hosts at 10:30.  Our appointment was a few minutes after 11 when she was due to get off work.  I sat at the bar and had a drink and watched her work.  She is curvy but petite and very much a girl.  She is lively and the customers love her.  She stopped by to say hello when she saw me smiling at her.  I was at the end of the bar and as she turned to leave she let her hand brush against my thigh.  She giggled as she went on to seat the next customers.  I was hard.

Fuuka ended her shift and changed into street clothes.  She came up to me and quickly kissed me on the cheek and pulled  me up to leave.  We planed to stop at a birthday party for one of her newhalf GFs down the street.  She had a present, neatly wrapped and we picked up some flowers on the way.  We arrived and the party was in full swing.  We gave Miina her presents and she was happy.  She showered us with drinks and in a very short time we were drunk.  Fuuka began sitting on my lap and grinding against me.  The club was colorfully lit and fairly dark so we were not detected.  Fuuka put her hand under her skirt and on my lap.  She began to rub my dick, tugging at it.  It grew to an enormous state which only made her grind harder.