DOB: 9th July

Location: Osaka

19 yr old Yumika is a brand-new new-half very popular in Japan. She graduated from high school only last year and the school girl uniform suits her perfectly. In fact, she did go to school in her skirt!

Yumika was born and raised in Osaka.  She works for an Osaka based escort agency and also performs in adult movies.

Yumika likes doing things at her own pace – taking it slowly.  Not when it comes to sex though.  She is a horny little thing in bed. Seeing a man naked turns her on and she loves to show off her ass and she-clit for him.

Yumika likes men who are quiet, calm but with some characters that make them stand out in the crowd. Her dream is to have the SRS surgery and become a real woman in the future.


Height: 169 cms (5ft 5)

Weight: 57kg (126lb)

Stats:  85/61/90  (33/24/35)