Nene Aizawa

Last time I was in Tokyo I picked up Nene’s body-double.  She was in a little Alley bar in Ueno having a drink.  Our eyes connected when I was 50 meters away.  We stayed eye-locked until I sat down next to her and ordered a sake. It was tight seating and a couple times she had to adjust her chair, each time her skirt inched a little further up until I could see her panties.  There was a nice bulge.  When I got up to piss she brushed against my trousers with her arm.  She smiled and said she would come after.  I was still learning Japanese so I didn’t quite get that.  I did get it when I was in the stall and she came in.  She bent down and wiped my cock with her handkerchief then began kissing the head, licking me until I was hard.  She told me to face fuck her while she masturbated.  I jammed my dick in her little mouth and pounded away.  At this point she had her cock out and was stroking hard.

I sat on the throne and she moved around to the side, her mouth glued to my dick.  I stroked her thigh and she opened her legs.  Her cock was hard and swollen.  I rubbed her pre-cum over the shaft and began to wank her off.  She was deep-throating me, only stopping long enough to give butterfly licks to my balls.  I felt the cum swell up and pushed her mouth back to my dick.  She put her mouth on the tip of the head and swirled her tongue around the knob while pumping up and down with her warm, wet, tight lips.  I started to cum and gave her cock a strong jerk.  I sprayed all over the inside of her mouth.  She gagged but drank every drop.  A few more pumps and she came in hot spurts, spraying the the stall’s wall.

So the next time you’re in Ueno and you see the bathroom stall covered in dry spunk…that was probably me. 😉