Ririca is one of my favorite Tokyo tgirls.  Last month, when I was in Tokyo I called up her service and asked for delivery health girl, Usagi.  They told me she changed her name.  Usagi was now Ririca.  I asked her to come to the bungalow later that night, lucky for me she was free.  The service asked if I had any choice for outfits.  I asked for this bikini she is wearing in this set.  When “Riri” came to the door she was in heels and a heavy coat.  I let her in and she set down her bag and took off her coat.  She had nothing on but the bikini.  I got hard right away. We moved to the zabuton cushions in the living room and knelt together.  I had prepared sake and Japanese whiskey for us. Riri chose the whiskey and poured us both a drink.  She pulled me close to her and begin to kiss me all over my face and neck.  Her hands moved across my shirt and down to my zipper.  She rubbed my cock and cooed a little, rubbing the huge meat as it got harder.  She took my hand and placed it on her breast as she undid the string tie in the back.  Her top fell and I leaned over and sucked her nipples. She undressed me fully and lay me back on the tatami mat.  She climbed on top and we kissed, swirling tongues for awhile as she ground against me.  She slowly moved lower and kissed me down to my stomach.  Reaching my cock she kissed and licked the piss hole.  She put just the head in her mouth and began to suck.  Soon, she took as much of me as she could in her little mouth.

When I was fully hard, she climbed on top and put my cock head at the entrance of her newhalf pussy.  Slowly she sat down until I was all the way inside her.  She rocked back and forth, grinding her ass on my dick as I stroked her cock.

We fucked for awhile in several positions until finally we 69’d really hard and we both came.  Riri gagged on my load but like a good Japanese tgirl she licked and cleaned every drop.