Reina Minazuki

DOB: 2nd February
Location: Nagoya, Japan

Twenty-two year old Reina comes from Niigata Prefecture, the famous rice country that is also well-known for its 6 month-long snow-bound winters and beautiful women with their ever-so-highly-coveted snow-white skin. She now lives and works in Nagoya as an escort.

Reina is a typical young, urban Japanese girl. For fun, she enjoys playing computer games, combat airsoft games, singing Karaoke, and is a big fan of the ever-so-popular J-pop all girl group AKB48.

During the interview, Reina confessed that while pretty boys are a big turn-off for her she finds macho men difficult. “I am quite an Otaku nerd!” admitted Reina. Characteristically she is also a cosplay enthusiast and often seen at cosplay events and gatherings around town. Her idol is Ebihara Yuri, a Japanese fashion model and icon. Apparently, Reina is also quite an accomplished table tennis and badminton player – she competed in the Annual National Athletic Meet of Japan when she was in high school!

Sexually Reina is very much into SM plays, one of her favourite sex acts being bondage play while dressed as master and maid. She would also love to be tied up, verbally humiliated, whipped and dripped hot wax all over.

Height: 168cm (5 ft 5)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Stats: 81/65/85 (32/26/33)