DOB: 12th July

Location: Tokyo, Japan
In Japan, young cross-dressers are the latest flavor of the month. On SMJ we have also featured quite a few cross-dressing cuties, namely Risa, Serina and Kanato. Chuling is our newest addition. Cute as a button while still hormone-free, and 18 years young with lush, jet-black hair, Chuling is already a bit of a starlet with her own cult following in Japan.

Chuling was born in the Hyogo Prefecture but grew up in Osaka. She now lives in Tokyo. Her hobbies are watching late-night TV shows, reading and quite unusually, listening to traditional Japanese folk music. “I just don’t get modern pop. All my friends are listening to the girl-group AKB48 though,” said Chuling.

Chuling falls easily for bad-ass, terrifying-looking guys – whatever you make of the meaning of it. She likes her inner-thighs and her neck to be touched but she is a virgin and would very much like to find out more about sex!

Height: 170cm (5 ft 5)
Weight: 54kg (119 lbs)
Stats: B75/W60/H78 (30/24/31)