Yuki Amamiya

Yuki Amamiya
DOB: 14th January
Location: Osaka, Japan

Outside of work, for fun, Yuki enjoys playing online games, shopping, driving and holidaying around the country. Her favorite things to do now, however, are cooking and jogging. She does look the type who is very much into being healthy and apparently one health-nut she really is.

Yuki likes older men who are out-going and interesting. She confessed that the biggest turn-on for her in a man is to see him getting turned on. I guess that infers she likes to please in bed? “I love playing volleyball games,” continued her confession, “I joined the Volleyball Club in high school and played a lot. I gave my virginity to a senior boy from the club, at the Club Room! Oh boy since then he and I had done all sorts of naughty things on a daily basis.”

Enjoy this lively and very Japanese-looking newhalf cutie.

Height: 166cm (5 ft 4)
Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)
Stats: 86/65/88 (34/26/35)