Rion Kawasaki

DOB: 9th April
Location: Tokyo

Height: 164cm (5 ft 4)
Weight: 54kg (119 lbs)
Stats: 90/W62/H85 (35/24/33)

Rion`s favorite past-times are hanging out in coffee shops and night clubs. She is a devoted fan of P!nk and Nelly Furtado but hardly appreciates any J-pop. Having visited places like the New Yark city she also loves travelling, especially her biannual trips to the Philippines.

In men Rion likes them hunky with a hot sixpack body and a big hard rod. Besides, if you are as easy on the eyes as Colin Farrel, and as motivated (translated as successful) as maybe Mr. Farrel is, you are definitely Rion`s type. But, wait, she also said that in bed she prefers it if you could really ass-fuck her good hard and long. Even that might not completely satiate her, because she confessed that her dream sex is to be gang-banged in succession non-stop by at least 10 hard cocks each creampie-ing inside her.