Yuna Momose

DOB: 6th February

Location: Tokyo

SMJ presents you the media debut photo spread featuring Yuna Momose, a 24 year young newhalf from Hiroshima. No matter how you look at it, Yuna is nothing but a beautiful woman and the fashion world obviously agrees because she is currently working in Tokyo as a female professional model. She has never done any nudity photo shoot before but for all you lucky members of SMJ she is going to reveal all here!

Now enjoy yourself with this eye candy – her natural hormonal breasts, tight yet feminine body and an almost out-of-place shecock. Thanks to long years of female hormones she looks amazingly passable. Although the hormones do suppress her ability to ejaculate, with her total package it has not made her any less desirable as a newhalf!

After work, Yuna enjoys cooking with seafood, eating crabs, going to Onsen hot spring SPA, and hanging out at clubs.

Yuna is fond of men who are understanding, intelligent, knowledgeable and good at conversations. She confessed that in bed she is a very passionate woman and enjoys both topping and bottoming.

 Yuna has rather exotic facial features which sometimes mislead some people to speculate on her ethnicity. When she hangs out with her friend Simone/Miruku Aima who`s half Japanese half Filipina she is often mistaken as Simone`s sister. There is, however, no foreign blood in her at all.

Height: 158cm (5 ft 1)
Weight: 47kg (103 lbs)
Stats: 82/58/83 (32/23/33)