DOB: 18th February
Location: Tokyo

I am sure you`ve heard of, if not know very well about, Cosplay. Did you also know that Cosplay based on anime characters has a big following in Japan? Kanato is a TV celebrity newhalf who owes her fame to cosplaying anime characters from such globally successful anime series as `CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion` and `MACROSS Frontier`.

Strictly speaking, Kanato is a cross-dresser rather than a newhalf. She has never used hormones. However, when dressed up there is something about her that is so feminine and just very intriguing!

She told me that she discovered the joy of masturbation through pole climbing when she was young, and rubbing herself to a pole is still how she likes to get herself off now!

A 20 year old cross-dressing enchantress is this Kanato!

Height: 168cm (5 ft 4)
Weight: 48kg (105lbs)
Stats: 80/55/77 (31/21/30)