DOB: 14th June
Location: Tokyo

This is absolutely headline worthy – we`ve managed to shoot a mainstream professional model! And she`s a delicious 18 year old! She sounds and looks as girly and pretty as any girl. While hanging out in the trendy Akihabara neighborhood I discovered Lisa walking down the street and tried all my might to get her on camera.

Lisa has a half Japanese half Spanish mother, and a half Japanese half American father, which makes her half Japanese. Having moved to/visited more than 15 countries due to her father`s job assignments Lisa is a very worldly girl. Her favorite places on earth are Paris and Hawaii. And her next travel destination is the French territory the islands of New Caledonia.

Height: 168cm (5ft 5)
Weight: 47kg (101lbs)
Stats: 80/58/81 (31/20/32)