DOB: 3rd April
Location: Osaka

Osaka native, Yumi had SRS surgery 2 years ago when she was 25 year old. Now she lives as a straight married woman and has a full-time job as a nurse. Apparently none of her patients ever suspects anything about her secret past.  Yumi loves to be slutty and has admitted to having sucked off or given a handjob to a patient whom she finds attractive, without them every suspecting she is a transsexual.

Yumi loves giving head and finds it extremely satisfying to see a man`s face when he orgasms. As much as she loves her hubby, Yumi claimed that she can`t be satisfied unless now and then she gets to suck a different cock, one that is attached to a young and quiet man among her favorite.

Height: 168cm (5ft 5)
Weight: 56kg (123lb)
Stats: 93/62/90 (36/24/35)