Sayaka Ayasaki

Sayaka Ayasaki

DOB: 25th January
Location: Nagoya

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SMJ introduces to you a red-hot newhalf starlet Sayaka who has a Japanese father and a Chinese mother. This 18 year old is not an escort instead she is a show-pub performer.

Being a typical Osakan, Sayaka is an out-going girl. She loves dancing and boasts a well-tapered dancer`s wait-line. One of her favorite past-times is hip-hop dancing at clubs.

Sayaka also likes pop music. Her favorite singer is the J-pop star Kouda Kumi.

For overseas holidays, being half Chinese Sayaka has been in China.

Sayaka has just had her balls taken out. She is currently working hard on feminization and also towards the goal of having a full SRS by the time she turns 20. Her dream is to get married by 25.

Sayaka is into strong, dominating men with nicely sun-tanned skin and cropped hair.

Height: 158cm (5 ft 1)
Weight: 46kg (99 lbs)
Stats: 80/58/88 (31/23/35)