Konatsu Satsuki

Japanese shemale Konatsu Satsuki is a brand new 18 year old otokonoko working in the delivery health services and running wild through the streets of Shibuya. She is fun and playful and has a rock hard cock. She loves the bad boys and men who show their emotion. Konatsu is a terrific newhalf and bound for shemale glory in Japan.

Konatsu Satsuki
DOB: 5th July
Location: Tokyo

In Japan some young girls, mostly teenagers, like to tan their skin really dark, have their hair bleached blond, and wear Brigitte Bardot style heavy makeups. Collectively they are referred to as “Kuro-gyaru” which loosely transliterates as “Black Gal”  Shibuya is the place to find lots of gyaru.

Konatsu lives in Tokyo now. One of her favorite things to do in the capital is to sit in Starbucks and watch people. Her other hobbies are visiting sweet and cake shops, going to night clubs and singing Karaoke. “If I set myself to it, I will challenge myself to do anything!” So claimed Konatsu.

In sex, the biggest turn-on for Konatsu is seeing the facial expression of the guy getting turned on especially the ejaculation face. She prefers being the top herself.

Height: 166cm (5 ft 4)
Weight: 49kg (108 lbs)
Stats: B89/W59/H88 (34/24/35)